Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is it free to post advertisements?
Yes, it is free to post advertisements. You can register an account here and start posting ads.

Q: I have a room/flat to rent out. How do I advertise?
Please register an account here and post your advertisement. The users who are searching for a room/flat will contact you.

Q: How do I edit the advertisement that I have posted?
Users are not able to edit the advertisements right now. Editing feature is still under development. What you can do is that you can delete the old advertisement and post a new one.

Q: How do I delete the advertisements that I have posted?
To delete your advertisements, please log into your account. Go to Dashboard. Click on "My Advertisements". You can delete specific ad there.

Q: Is it advisable to post photos of my room/flat?
Yes, photos of your room/flat will make your advertisement more attractive. Consequently, more people will view the ad. But be careful not to upload photos that show you and/or your family members.